It's no secret, when businesses grow bigger than a couple of people most owners lose the ability to understand who's doing what, the exact status of assignments, and whether the time goes into the most productive work.

It gets a lot worse when you send your work overseas -- If you are not getting accurate, timely feedback from your outsourcers it feels like you're throwing money out the window and losing control over your business...

If you don't have a way to monitor what's going on, things start spinning out of hands rapidly:

Your outsourcers - while on your payroll -- get sidetracked and end up wasting a lot of billable time spinning wheels, or fixing problems that could have been avoided in the first place (had you been informed in a timely manner and could interfere before it's too late...)

Track Labor helps you avoid all these headaches ... while boosting performance of your outsourcers to an entirely new level.

Here's how:

Track Labor is a small application that runs on your remote workers' computers and tracks everything that gets done on their systems -- down to an individual document and webpage level.

It then aggregates and categorizes all the time-data into visual reports. So you can clearly see what your employees are working on, how long it's taking them, and how much time is being drained by distracting activities.

Under the hood TrackLabor is based on the celebrated Rescue Time™ technology (as featured in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, New York Times, US News, CNBC, BBC and NPR News).

Rescue Time™ is already used by thousands of people -- from individual life-hackers, like Tim Ferriss, to Fortune 500 companies -- and is proven to dramatically boost personal productivity. However, out-of-the-box it requires a lot of tweaking to make it practical for someone monitoring remote workers.

We, at -- the leading provider of outsourcing solutions to Philippines -- have partnered up with Rescue Time™, to turn it into...

TrackLabor -- a much more effective tool for managing a motley crew of outsourcers with ease.

Let us show you how TrackLabor can help you max out your investment in outsourcing -- with less work, less worry and less stress on your part -- while causing your employees' productivity to literally jump up:

No more wondering if your outsourcers are actually working during your "on the clock time." Get the comfort of knowing EXACTLY what they are doing at any given moment: what software they are using, what sites they are browsing, what files they are working on.

Plus, you don't have to question any more if your outsourcers are entirely honest with you on their daily reports. Say goodbye to timesheets -- TrackLabor gives you unbiased metrics, free of user mistakes, exaggerations and deliberate deceptions.

No more playing blind roulette with your employees hoping that they will somehow "magically" work out. You get a simple way to find out for sure if you've hired the right people:

TrackLabor monitors how long every worker takes with each individual task, and measures the engagement and overall workload. Then it categorizes this data by Productive, Neutral, and Distracting activities, and shows you in no uncertain terms who's working hard and who's just twiddling thumbs while on your payroll.

One look at the graph and you can instantly identify employees:

  • Who are overworked... And who are undertasked, but afraid to say so...
  • Who's wasting your billable time on Twitter, Facebook or Instant Messenger...
  • Get a clear clue who's genuinely motivated, and who's just getting by...
  • And be able to quickly find out who to keep ... and who to let go immediately.

But that's not nearly all: TrackLabor will help you stop at the root an everyday problem with outsourcing to Philippines - certain workers getting stuck on a difficult task and then completely disappearing on you ... too ashamed or embarrassed to tell you the truth.

See it coming a mile away, so you can step in and help your guys out before it's too late. This will improve their self-esteem, foster loyalty, increase efficiency, and prevent you from losing a potentially good and hard-working future employee.

Track time, track tasks, and track performance so you know for sure if your outsourcing is truly cost-effective ... or you're just sinking your savings into the Pacific Ocean.

TrackLabor collects all sorts of data (application and document names, website URLs, start time, end time etc.) and categorizes it into pre-defined types of activities: article marketing, content creation, social media, link building etc. Then it shows you how much time went (team wide and individually) into each activity in aggregate.

This means that with one glimpse you'll be able to see where the time is disappearing, and get plenty of early warnings of your outsourcers getting sidetracked on unproductive activities, so you can interfere and redirect them to doing more profitable work.

How else, without TrackLabor, would you know that out of 180 hours billed, 133 may have been spent on goofing around on Facebook, or that 78% of a particular workers day went into spinning wheels with low-priority tasks?

With TrackLabor you'll be able to reclaim untold hours of productivity instead of letting it be squandered on idle chit-chat with friends.

Studies of the original Rescue Time™ track records show that on average users are able to recover at least 9% of productive time during the first 6 weeks -- That's about 3 hours and 54 minutes worth of billable time per person per week... (Do the simple math... how much you are saving.)

It gets even better. When we tried TrackLabor with our Filipino outsourcers we saw productivity jump up by 25-50% on average ... simply by adding time tracking.

This alone, not only pays for the TrackLabor monthly service, but has a potential to return your investment several times over ... every single month you are using it!

Track Labor gathers for you the crucial intelligence vital for running a profit-oriented business. It needs no input from you or your team.

Then it automatically aggregates the data in a variety of ways: From an instant bird's-eye view of the status of your project, down to how much time is being spent on each individual document, website or webpage.

What's more, this is vastly superior to tracking remote workers via taking screenshots: With TrackLabor, you don't have to manually weed through hundreds of unsorted screengrabs for each individual worker at the end of the day.

Instead, powerful analytics sort, tag and categorize all this data by what's being worked on into visually rich reports you can just scan and immediately understand how to optimize your workers' time and activities to make them more efficient and productive for you.

The easiest way to understand how all this works is to give it a thorough try and see for yourself.

When you take TrackLabor service for a test-drive you're going to get a full Rescue Time™ account.

More than that: We're going to do all the initial setup for you and configure your Control Dashboard for maximum efficiency when managing outsourcers.

When you log in for the first time, your Dashboard will already be configured with the easy-to-use fielded-tested layout we developed to display the most useful, relevant information for monitoring teams of offshore workers.

That's right. It's all going to be done for you. With other competing systems, you'd need to set up application and database servers, backup plans, and more. With TrackLabor you will be up and running in a few minutes.

These 2 special training modules will get you up to speed in no time flat.

  1. "TrackLabor Kick Start Module"
    This video quickly walks you through the TrackLabor interface and shows you step-by-step just what you need to know go get started right away.

  2. "Implementing Track Labor with Your Filipino Team"
    Because Rescue Time™ technology can be seen as intrusive, the first time you set it up, your workers may become scared fearing it will tell you they are unproductive.

    Learn from our experience how to deal with these sensitive issues and a simple way to overcome their objections. You'll get specific instructions, telling you exactly what to say (and most importantly what not to say ... ) so your employees don't freak out and accept that running Track Labor is actually in their own best interests.

TrackLabor is a monthly subscription service. The pricing is set to be fair and flexible and not to burden you if you're just starting out.

Start today for just $30 a month for a 2-seat license. This means you can monitor a team of two remote workers for as little as 50 cents per person per day.

Best part, when the size of your team increases, the per-person price of TrackLabor actually drops down -- you're getting a bonus discount for growing your business. See for yourself:

2 seats: $30 a month
5 seats: $70 a month
10 seats: $130 a month
20 seats: $240 a month
30 seats: $330 a month
50 seats: $500 a month
100 seats: $800 a month

Plus, you can change plans and add or remove seats as needed. (If you need more than 100 seats, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you with a custom price quote.)

When you choose to sign up today to take TrackLabor for a risk-free trial you're getting a fully-automated productivity tracking tool uniquely designed to help you:

  • Eliminate risk, guesswork and uncertainty from outsourcing -- Just one glimpse at the visual reports and you know what your overseas workers are doing during the work hours
  • Cut down on time-wasting and recover hours of productivity by monitoring where the time you are paying for is disappearing
  • Boost the efficiency of your workers by seeing the early signs of them getting sidetracked, so you can take the reins in your hands and steer your team back on tracks
  • Stay informed and remain in firm control of your overseas operations so you know precisely where to direct your team's efforts best to get maximum return on your investment in outsourcing.

Here's what you are getting:

With TrackLabor you are getting FULL Rescue Time™ account set up and pre-configured for maximum efficiency for working with outsourcers.

Plus, you get these 3 special training modules to help you start:

  • "TrackLabor Kick Start Module" - Get started with Track Labor Interface in no time flat with this step-by-step video.
  • "Tuning Track Labor For Maximum Profits" - Advanced instructions on how tweak and optimize the workflow to make Rescue Time/Track Labor work better for you.
  • "Implementing Track Labor with Your Filipino Team" - The exact instructions on how to integrate Track Labor with your Filipino workers, overcome their objections and deal with sensitive issues.
Finally, you get to try Track Labor risk-free for 14-days with ANY size account.

Remember: There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel any time. (Your account will remain active through the end of the billing period.)

It's easy to start. Just fill in the form on the left and press the Sign Up button.

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